How to get rid of carpet beetles


Carpet beetles are small, but they can do a lot of damage. These pests attack woolen fabrics and other natural materials that contain keratin, like hair or feathers. You might be wondering how to get rid of them? Don’t worry! Here is our list of tips for getting rid of carpet beetles in your home for How to get rid of carpet beetles.

1) Vacuum carpets regularly – Carpet beetles live in the fibers of the carpeting so regular vacuuming will help keep these pests at bay. 

2) Store clothing and linens away from furnishing – This will ensure that you don’t bring any unwanted visitors into your home with you when you bring out clothes and linens to wear or use. 3) Seal off

Carpet beetles are tiny insects that feed on wool, silk, feathers, and other animal products. The larvae of these insects live in carpeting or upholstery.


They usually don’t cause any problems for homeowners but they can be a nuisance with their habit of crawling across the floor. There are many ways to get rid of them. One way is to vacuum regularly; this prevents eggs from hatching into larvae which then eat your carpets!

Another way is to sprinkle the boric acid powder over areas where you think they might be hiding, such as under furniture or behind baseboards. This kills both the adult and larval stages by dehydrating them within hours. You can also use diatomaceous earth because it breaks down their hard shells so


  1. Carpet beetles are attracted to woolen clothing, so it’s important to keep your clothes in a sealed container
  2. Clean all upholstered furniture with bleach and water solution – be sure to do this twice per year
  3. Vacuum the carpet regularly and use an enzyme cleaner for any spills or stains
  4. If you have a pet, remove their food bowls after they’re done eating as well as their bedding material
  5. Beetles can’t fly, so make sure that your windows are closed at all times during the day because they’ll try to get inside through cracks and crevices in the window frames
  6. Keep away from high traffic areas like doorways where carpets might collect dust particles of wool fibers from people walking by on them

 There are a number of ways to get rid of carpet beetles, but the most effective methods usually involve chemical treatments. If you want to avoid using these chemicals in your home, we recommend investing in some traps and then vacuuming up any dead insects found within them.

You can use some of the following products to remove carpet beetles

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This is an inexpensive way to remove infestations without resorting to harsh chemicals or insecticides that could be unhealthy for your family members or pets.

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