What kills ants? | How to get rid of ants with home remedies?

This may seem cruel, but stopping a few ants in their tracks can stop an entire army of them from coming into your house in turn. Villainous ants in search of food can be exterminated if they start at the beginning of their trail and advance to the end of the trail by flushing them through the slot.

If the ants can’t stand the strong smell, vinegar and oil work well as a tidbit to deter intruders by hiding their smell and trace and letting them lose their bearings.

It is not only frustrating when ants run around in colonies, but they can also cause great damage. We have suggested all the amazing home remedies you need to make sure there are no ants in your home.

Ants live in our homes the way they own them, and although there are ways to get rid of them, one of these ways is to keep your house clean.


Homemade ingredients to kill ants

  • Combining a spray with a jar of detergent or washing-up liquid can stop ants from coming into the house, a Garden Express spokesman advises.


  • A solution of pepper and water does not kill ants but prevents them from returning to their homes. Sprinkling salt in nooks and crannies where ants invade the house can also help to keep them away.


  • Common salt is one of the best and cheapest methods to get rid of ants. All you have to do is boil some water, add a large amount of salt and stir until the water dissolves.

Lemon juice

  • Spray a solution of 1 part lemon juice in the entrance area or around your house in areas where you see ants. Try to mix the solution with 3 parts lemon juice and 3 parts water and use it as an all-purpose spray.
  • Spray a 50 / 50 solution of vinegar and water on ants to kill them, then wipe them off with a damp paper towel and throw them away.
  • You can also use vinegar or water as a deterrent by spraying it on your windowsills, doors, and other places you see ants coming from.

The easiest way to do this is to soak cotton in lemon juice and put it on doorways, window sills, and other openings to ensure that ants stay away. Lemon juice contains citric acid, so it has a strong odour that prevents ants from threading their way through the same area twice. Unlike vinegar, lemon juice seems to destroy the scent trail that ants follow.

Another trick is to make sure the ants don’t communicate with each other and make annoying lines about what you eat sweet at home. This solution not only kills the ants, but also prevents them from entering the exclusion zone. Baking soda solutions are one of the more explosive ideas for killing ants.

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Ant killer

The active ingredients in ant baits are sugar, protein, and fat-based baits that target a variety of ant species for their dietary needs.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood as food but tunnel through wood to build nests. They are most active in the evenings looking for food around the house.

Spray powder chalk near entry points for ants and then draw a line of chalk around the entrance. Draw a chalk line in front of the exterior doors to prevent ants from entering the house. You can also draw chalk lines around tables, porches and terraces to keep annoying ants away from food.

Ants can be found on skirting boards, walls, cupboards, cabinets (especially those containing food), sinks and windowsills. Once they are found, try to follow the trail to the nesting site. The ants will work hard for you, so take poison bait to get to the nest.

Carpenter ants tend to hide in damaged or wet wood. Visit damaged tree stumps, stacks of wood, damaged trees, old patio furniture and outdoor areas to inspect. If you find an N, pour boiling water over the anthill and treat it with insecticide. Honey jars are large ant magnets, so they are thoroughly washed before being placed in a small coaster or cupboard filled with water.

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