What Do Moths Eat

There are several Saturniidae species that grow their silk, such as the Ailanthus moth (Samia cynthia), a group of Chinese oak silk moth (Antheraea pernyi), the Assam silk moth (antheraea assamensis), and the Japanese silk moth (anotheraea yamamai). Let’s find out What Do Moths Eat? with other details. The Luna-Polyphemus-Atlas (Promethea cecropia) and other large … Read more

Types Of Moths and Details


Debora malgassa is a species of bagworm moth that lives in Madagascar, where it is grown and harvested as a protein source. There are tons of species of so-called bagworm moths, most of which are small and inconspicuous. here we will about to discover Types Of Moths and Details and their particular shape size and … Read more

The Best Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Mosquito Repellent You don’t want to be that person who is constantly swatting away at mosquitoes, do you? Mosquitoes are a nuisance and can be very dangerous! They have the power to transmit illnesses such as malaria, Zika, dengue fever, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and chikungunya. Mosquitos are a nuisance and can be … Read more

Carpet Moths: What You Should Know

Carpet Moths: What You Should Know

Carpet moths eat their way through thick wool carpets and synthetic fibre carpets with incredible speed, leaving unsightly stains on your floor. Clothed moths digest protein from fibres such as wool, silk and special hair fibres, but they also eat proteins from synthetic fibres. Carpet  Moths Feed On This means that carpets, rugs, curtains and … Read more

Best Mosquito Repellent For Yard

Best Mosquito Repellent For Yard

Below is a list of the best mosquito repellents for courtyards, patios, and outdoor activities, complete with a buyer’s guide to help you pick from Amazon’s top 100 sellers of insect and pesticide products for 2021. To get rid of all this, we selected Amazon’s best selection of repellents, keeping 100% customer satisfaction and high … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Moths

How to get rid of Moths

Moths have been known to eat fabrics, woolens, and other materials in storage for years. Their larvae are also responsible for the damage to the fabric. Apart from that, their larvae also release substances that produce a bad smell. That is why it is important to eliminate their larvae as soon as they appear. One … Read more