How Long Do Squirrels Live?

Squirrels! most of the time seen in the backyard and you may be thinking what they do, How long do squirrels live? squirrels are pretty fast having excellent eyesight quick reflexes and also good climbers and good at jumping.

We will clear this in this article. all this information will be based on the research, well that’s absolute we can’t say the exact life spans of squirrels they may be varied.

How long do squirrels live?

There are many factors that will affect the life of squirrels/Factors affecting the life span of squirrels.


Hawks and owls are the main predators for squirrels and some skunks, foxes are also the simplest prey for them. snakes also have eyes on squirrels.

Tooth Loss

Teeth are the main organ for their survival for food consumption, In some, rare cases squirrels lose their teeth, get increases the chances of starvation and it lead to death.


Squirrel pox is one of the common diseases found in squirrels, squirrel pox is spread through insect bites. most of them die because of this disease but in exceptional cases in grey squirrels because they are red squirrels happens a lot, this virus causes lesions, skin ulcers, and scabs.

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The life of squirrels in wild is often less because predators keeps eye on them, and the average lifespan of squirrels in the wild is about six to twelve years.

The special species found in the United States Will look for it, there are a lot of species of squirrels present in nature.

Ground squirrels – In ground squirrels males live up to 2 years and females about 4 years in the wild, the average is about 2 to 4 years for ground squirrels.

Eastern grey squirrels – The average life span of eastern grey squirrels is about 20 years.

Black squirrels – They live up to 6 years which is common in the United States.

Red squirrels – They can live about five years, they have a high mortality rate the longest till recorded is Ten years.

Eastern fox squirrels – The lifespan of these squirrels is about 8 to 18 years.

In addition

Facts About Squirrels

  • Squirrels’ teeth never stop growing.
  • Not every squirrel is able to hibernate.
  • Some squirrels make rattlesnake perfumes.
  • There is an important role of squirrels in the food web.
  • Squirrel this word came from greek shadow tail.
  • The biggest squirrel is seven times bigger than normal size squirrel.

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