India Independence day

India Independence day

India Independence day; The day of August 15, 1947, was a very important day. Because on this day we got complete independence from British rule. The British rule which ruled over us Indians for almost 200 years. In order to achieve this freedom, many revolutionaries and freedom fighters had to die. It took time for this dream to come true. At the same time, we also lost many of our favorite sons of Bharatmata.India Independence day.India Independence day

On this day [15 August 1947] the dream of us Indians was fulfilled. No one forgets this dream, so Indians have named this day as independence day and celebrated it with this name. On hearing the name of this day, the Indians become head and elevated. At the same time, we miss the revolutionaries and freedom fighters who sacrificed for Independence Day. And tears come in the eyes. We also feel happy against it, the British rules who had oppressed us and enslaved us. We got freedom from all this oppression and from slavery on this day on August 15, 1947. India Independence day

On this day, the whole of India is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This day is known by the national festival. After independence from British Shashan, India was divided on religious grounds.

On this day, our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehruji, addressed all the citizens of the country by hoisting the Indian National Flag above the Lahore Gate of Red Fort in Delhi. From that day on, every August 15, the Prime Minister of our country hoists the flag at the Lahore Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi.India Independence day

On this day, while hoisting the tricolor, our national anthem [Jan-Gan-Man] is sung and sweet is also distributed. This festival is celebrated in all schools, offices, government offices, banks, post offices, etc. This festival is told through every television and radio. That too through live broadcasting. India Independence day

Some Indians celebrate by flying kites like tricolor. This year in the year 2020, this festival is going to be celebrated on Saturday, August 15. India Independence day

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