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Pollution :

Essay on pollution; pollution is a problem that is increasing year after year. But there are many remedies in these days. Pollution is a major problem, which mainly affects the environment. It has a detrimental effect on the environment. If the environment is damaged, it will result in human beings as well as living beings.

When we hear the name of pollution, it comes to our mind that there are darkness and dust everywhere. It is pollution on the road or chemical gas released from the factory. So pollution has bad consequences, so everyone needs to know the full details. Children and old people should know this information.

So let’s see ………………

what is pollution?

Pollution It is the fibers/particles that harm the earth and the environment. Pollution is a major problem. Pollution should be avoided as much as possible because increasing pollution will create many difficulties for living things to survive. Which can be very dangerous.

These components cause pollution.

1. Dust.
2. Chemical substance.
3. Polluted water.
4. Gases like carbon dioxide.
5. Hoarse voice

There are three main types of pollution:

1. Air pollution:
2. Water Pollution:
3. Noise pollution:

1. Air pollution:

Air pollution occurs when certain harmful germs/substances in the environment mix with the air and cause harmful effects on the air. This polluted air is reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Therefore, it interferes with the respiratory process. As a result, many diseases arise. You can also die from an illness.

Air pollution is mainly caused by dust from vehicles and factories. This means that there is a lot of pollution from man-made elements. Unmanned waste disposal is a major cause of air pollution. Air pollution is called the most polluting pollution.

2. Water Pollution:

Water pollution is a big issue in front of the whole world. Water pollution occurs due to many reasons. This pollution is caused by the release of toxins into the water. Water has no shape, taste, or color. But we tell by the color of that water that it is contaminated water.

When the water is contaminated, its color appears somewhat black. Some contaminated water also has a taste. So it can be said that the water is contaminated. Water pollution is caused by chemicals released from factories. It is also the excreta you have left. Water pollution can also be hazardous to the environment.

3. Noise pollution:

Noise pollution is well known. There is no need to give more information about it. However, some information needs to be provided. Noise pollution is caused by many factors. Noise pollution is caused by the noise coming from vehicles, factories, or where work is going on.

This noise pollution has the most effect on the elderly. Sound pollution can cause deafness. Sound pollution, like other pollutants, has a devastating effect.

Pollution measures/schemes:

1. The use of bands and firecrackers should be avoided during the ceremony.
2. Turn off the vehicle horn when not required.
3. Use smaller amounts of TV, radio, speakers.
4. Avoid using firecrackers as much as possible.
5. Do not spit in public places.

6. Do not bathe, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc. in wells, ponds, etc.
7. Avoid using plastic components as much as possible.
8. Water should be used sparingly.
9. Plant more and more trees.Essay on pollution

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