Essay on nature

Essay on nature

Nature first comes to our mind after hearing this name that there is a green garden and there is a big tree in the middle of it. It comes to our mind. It must have come from you too or maybe it comes apart, then comments by commenting in the comment box. Friends, today we are going to give you complete information about nature. It is also like an essay. So let us know about nature.


Nature is heaven made by God. Nature is an aspect of itself. Everything received from nature is a gift of value. Nature is like our mother. It gives us everything. From birth until death We are a part of nature itself. Nature It is a tree and we are like a leaf living on it. Nature has many benefits for us. Which we can never fill, but we can definitely help a little bit. We just have to plant at least one plant in life.

Nature is like one chain. If one of these chains is broken, it can have a very bad effect. We see this as an example. * Goat eats grass and lion eats goat. It is also like a chain of nature. If the lion stopped eating goat. The grass will be cut from this earth. Because the lion has stopped eating goat, the number of goats will increase. Then she will eat all the grass. nd if the goats are stop eating grass. There will be grass on this earth again. Such is the chain of nature. This chain balance is created.

You must have a leaf that we get oxygen from the tree and it takes carbon dioxide. If you think there is not a tree all. What would life be on this earth? We have created this one world, because of nature. From food to clothing. Everything is made from nature. Friends, no matter how much we do, but we cannot fill the nature. We all should love nature. Because in nature, if we have disturbed anything or broken the chain, then the mark of life on earth can be erased.

     Friends, our request is that you should plant a tree in your life. This is our request.


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     Friends, you can note down your thoughts in the notebook by writing what comes to mind after seeing nature.

essay on nature in Hindi

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