Diwali Essay/mean/why/how



Diwali essay/mean/why/how




    Diwali Essay/mean/why/how: Friends every month have a minimum of one festival. every festival is very beautiful and interesting. India is also popular for many festivals. All festivals are our favorites. All festivals have their own characteristics. But, our most favorite and interesting festival is Diwali. All Indian people celebrate this festival. Diwali is popular as a light festival. Diwali festival makes our life or family happy.

  we will give you the full information about Diwali:……………………………………………………………

What is mean Diwali?


     Friends Diwali means knowledge of lights. we look at Diya during Diwali, he takes the darkness near himself and he gives light to others. This mean’s that this Diwali is a festival of light. This light takes us from darkness to brightness means bad effects to good effects.

Why Diwali is celebrated?





  When Shri ram, this virtuous person was leaving from Renunciation and was coming to Ayodhya, then in the hope of his arrival, the people of Ayodhya made a celebration, and it called a Diwali.
Since then this festival is to celebrated…………………………………...

How to celebrate Diwali?



      Diwali is a festival of prominent Hindus. This festival is celebrated all over India. There is a lantern everyone’s house. On rangoli have beautiful diyas.

      Now our best time is to burn crackers. This is a great and best time. In Diwali, people make sweets and share with friends, relatives, and neighbors. We get to eat many foods. We also clean our house. Our relationship is strong in Diwali. It is celebrated as the Diwali festival.

Important point:



      Friends our request is that the time of Diwali you should at least have burn crackers or not.because of burn crackers cause a lot of pollution. which has a very bad effect on our nature.

Writing skill:


      Friends one more our request is that while celebrating your Diwali, you may make a note in your notebook. which you will remember. how enjoy you, your Diwali festival. Diwali Essay/mean/why/how

Diwali essay in Marathi

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