Dream /why do we dream of people?

Dream /why do we dream of people?



Dream /why do we dream of people?:   Friends, we are going to tell you to dream /why do we dream of people?. Dream!, after listening to this word, you have thought that has happened before. Please say in the comment box. Friends, every person has their own thoughts and dreams which he wants to complete.

   But friends, today we will tell you the complete information about the dream. So we have created this post that can give complete information about the dream to everyone.
So let’s know about its guys……………


Facts about Dream:

  1. In our dream, we only see faces we already know.
  2. You forget 90% of your dream.
  3. Animals also have dreams.
  4. Not all dreams in colors.
  5. Blind people may dream visually.
  6. Many dreams are universal.
  7. Dreams recharge your creativity.
  8. 50% Dream are negative.
  9. Dream help us to solve a puzzle.
  10. Dreams are symbolic.

 why do we dream of people?

 In dreams what we are thinking in our mind is what we dream of. We must be thinking about someone while sleeping, so he can come in our dreams.



 A dream is a succession of imagesideasemotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

There are two types of the dream:

1. Dream with closed eyes.
2. Dream with open eyes.
                Friends’ Both have their own characteristics. we will tell first dream about a dream with closed eyes.  you never see a world is a cover in it.  let’s see………………………


   Whenever you are nervous or afraid, you might have seen a horror movies or something bad, then that thing is roaming in your mind. Because of it, it has such dreadful dreams. If you are very happy or something good happens to you then something will be going on in your mind and you have the same dream.

   But ‘it is completely imaginable and not a reality…….’

   We go to the next dream. we see these dreams with our open eyes. Like, you thought that you have to become a doctor or a scientist. and this is a reality. To fulfill reality, it takes a lot of effort to make this dream come true. There is a lot of difficulty with this.

  But ‘if you have the confidence it, then you can complete your dream without any problem.’ A lot of people see the dream with open eyes, but only a few people have the courage to fulfill it.

  ”If you have a dream and you want to fulfill it’s then you can also get it easily by keeping patience with courage.”…………………………………………………………………………

Writing skill:

Friends, keep a note of your dream in your notebook, which you can read even in your spare time. There are many writers who write their dreams and make articles on them. You can also do this.


  And below we have made a chart, you must see it.

Dream with open eyes Dream with closed eyes

This is the reality
This is not reality.
It can be done with great effort and dedication.It can be found very easily.
There is exception and exceptions.There is non exception in this.


: Dream /why do we dream of people?

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